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Pregnancy Care

As soon as you know that you’re pregnant you can book your first midwife appointment. To receive maternity care from Hampshire Hospitals (our local service) women now need to refer themselves. This can be done here. Further information on the service provided can be accessed via their website. You can choose to be seen by your midwife at Charlton Hill Surgery or at the Andover War Memorial Hospital for your antenatal appointments.

It’s best to register for maternity care as early as possible to obtain the information you need to have a healthy pregnancy, and because some screening tests need to be done early on in your pregnancy to be accurate.


Antenatal clinics are run by Community Midwives. Midwives or GPs may recommend hospital clinic attendances with a specialist doctor in some cases. You can see some information about the midwife allocated to Charlton Hill Surgery here.

A Midwife is a qualified nurse who has undertaken further training to provide care during for pregnant women and newborn babies. They help you to prepare for motherhood and promote good health for yourself and your baby by advising on the effects of drinking, smoking and good diet whilst you are pregnant.The Midwife guides you through your pregnancy and endeavours to detect any problems and make relevant referrals if necessary.

Following the birth, Community Midwives will provide care before handing over to Health Visitors for further infant care and advice. Postnatal maternal and baby checks are conducted by doctors at Charlton Hill Surgery approximately eight weeks after the birth, usually when newborn immunisations are due.

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