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Allied Health Professionals

Community Midwives

Libby Matthews

Registered Midwife

Zara Price

Registered Midwife

Our midwives work for Hampshire Hospitals but they have a dedicated clinic every week in the practice. Libby and Zara manage all elements of pregnancy from initial booking appointments to after-birth care

Practice Pharmacists

We have a team including a registered pharmacist and a pharmacy technician. You may be contacted by them to review your repeat medications, arrange monitoring tests or assist you in obtaining the correct medication.

First Contact Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapist can see you directly. No need to wait to see a GP to be referred. The physiotherapist is experienced in diagnosing musculo-skeletal problems, starting a course of treatment and if necessary referring you for further care. You can also self-refer to the hospital physiotherapy department here.

Social Precribers

Our Social Prescribers help with all matters that are not directly health care related. These issues often have a significant impact on health and wellbeing. They can assist with isolation, lonelyness, emotional health, healthy lifestyle choices, support through significant events (such as having a baby, retirement and bereavement), long term health conditions, loss of confidence, housing issues, accessing work and more! Reception can book you an appointment with a social prescriber.

Community Nurses

Provide similar services to the Practice Nurses but for patients at home who cannot or are too ill to travel. Telephone: 0300 121 0171. Patients need to be referred to the Community Nursing Team before they can be seen at home.

Health Visitors

The Health Visitors provide help and advice for young mothers and conduct child health clinics for the under 5’s. Telephone: 02382 313091 or SMS 07520 615 720.